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Aggregation Services for Accountants and Finance Brokers

d23b2090-b3ad-48a4-ba23-e70211920385.jpgWe provide our services to other Finance Brokers and Accountants. In times of a tight market, with many of the main financiers shutting their doors on the boutique Brokers, and Accountants it may be time to reconsider you options. Are your current accreditations (or lack of them) making it difficult for you to provide the best outcomes for your clients?

The Need For Finance Aggregation or Referral Services

With the current financial climate being what it is many of the financiers who had a strong presence in the accountant or boutique broker market are simply shutting up shop or pricing themselves out of the market by raising rates, a clear message that they wish to partially withdraw from the market temporarily. With Suncorp out of the picture for the time being and Capital, GE and Macquarie exercising caution, it has taken a few arrows out of the quiver that many brokers relied upon, and with some of the majors now withdrawing accreditations from smaller brokers with lower volume the outlook is a little bleak for some. With a reduced level of enquiry, restrictive lending policies and limited accreditations many brokers or accountants can look forward to extremely low conversion rates and some lean times ahead.

Our Accreditations

As part of the Group Platform Finance we enjoy unfettered access to all of the funders you would be familiar with and probably quite a few you aren't. The Platinum Group currently generates circa $800m worth of commercial and consumer based loans per year giving us acces to the most competitive rates and a full range of finance and insurance products and services. Rates Products and Services which you can offer to your clients, whilst still maintaining control of your own business and database.

Aggregation or Referral Service?

You can either choose to aggregate through Equipfin and the The Platform Finance Group or simply refer the business to Equipfin. Both options provide financially attractive outcomes for both your business and your clients. Both options will allow you to protect your client portfolio whilst maximising your rates of conversion. Contact us today to keep your business viable.

Need More Information

Call Us Now on 1300 959 144 or simply email us at [email protected] we will give you an immediate approval indication and have your loan underway in no time at all!

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