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Boat Loan Refinance

ea6021a3-4cc7-4a3b-9878-d3cdeee0c18b.jpgRefinancing a Boat or changing your boat loan provider is not always a simple process, however the experienced boat finance consultants at Equipfin will assist you to refinance your boat and give you the best chance of a positive outcome. Contact us to get a boat refinance consultation we will give you all the information you need to make an informed choice.

We have access to Refinancing Loans that can be secured against a boat that you already own. This type of refinance is generally required for a business that has current cash-flow needs, perhaps to take advantage of a new opportunity or to simply expand on their current business current operation, in order to increase penetration and market share.

Other Boat refinance options

de25edd3-e3c9-4795-b025-1ae226dd980c.jpgGot a bad boat finance deal? We also secure loans for those who feel they got a bad deal when originally financed their boats. By refinancing your boat we may be able to reduce your monthly payments, and ease some of the pressure the current boat loan is causing you.

Boat Refinance and Security

A boat loan refinance requires that only the boat itself be used as security. The loan will not need to cross collateralised against any other assets such as real estate, if you have borrowed against your home to finance a boat talk to us about freeing up that valuable equity.

Why use Equipfin?

Equipfin is part of the Platinum Direct Finance group of companies who will finance over 800 million dollars worth of Vehicles, TrucksBoats, Equipment and Machinery this year! Due to this volume and buying power, we can give our clients access to the best personal loan rates and financing products across Australia.

We offer a complete Boat finance service, also able to organise insurance for comprehensive boat insurance, and vendor finance programmes to boat dealers and brokers.

Need More Information

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