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Master Lease (Loan Agreement)

A Master Lease or Loan Agreement is an agreement with a finance provider to allow loans or leases to be established up to a pre-determined limit for the purchase of a certain kind of goods. These loans are then able to be established without the application process taking place each time as long as the goods being financed fall within the parameters of the original agreement and the upward limit is not exceeded.

A Master Lease or Loan Agreement suits those businesses that have frequent ongoing capital requirements for a particular kind of asset such as vehicles.

Master Lease (Loan Agreement) Key Features

The Key Features Of A Master Lease Or Loan Agreement are;

  • Flexible Loan Structures. You can choose the form of loan that the draw downs will take from leasing, chattel mortgage or commercial hire purchase.
  • Forward Planning. Allows you to confidently plan the growth of your operation in relation to the acquisition of assets.
  • Fast Settlements. Effect fast settlements with the minimum of effort, handy if you buy from auction or privately.

Master Lease (Loan Agreement) and Security

Unlike a line of credit you should not have to offer any security such as a charge over property or your business. The drawn down amounts are secured only against the assets they were used for purchasing. Other than that only the guarantee of the business or owners is required

Master Lease (Loan Agreement) Costs

Each Loan or Lease is established independently of any other, depending on the form which the loans take will dictate the associated costs

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