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Sale, Hire, Or Lease Back

A Sale, Hire or Lease Back occurs when a finance provider supplies money for goods you have purchased and paid for either in part or full. These loans can take the form of a Chattel Mortgage, Commercial Hire Purchase or Lease and subsequently are respectively called a Sale Back, Hire back or Lease Back.

Many Finance Providers will have a set time limit with regard to the amount of time you have owned the goods. This is normally 3-6 months from the date of purchase if you wish to fund the full amount you paid for the goods, otherwise depreciation comes into play and financing the the full purchase price may not be an option. However refinancing or financing options may be available if you wish to raise money against goods you have owned for longer than this.

Sale, Hire, Or Lease Back

As Sale, Hire Or Lease back generally occurs when;

  • Unforseen Opportunity. A sale, hire or lease back enables people to raise funding for unforseen opportunities i.e. When you purchased the goods you were content to pay cash, however an opportunity has presented that requires those spent funds, in order for you to take advantage of it.
  • Forced Settlements. You may have been forced into a fast settlement because you bought privately and did not want to miss out on a bargain price, or at auction where you were obliged to settle within a short time period.

Sale, Hire, Or Lease Back Loans and Security

Only the goods you are financing should be required as security along with the guarantee of the borrower. No other charges or "liens" should be required

Sale, Hire Or Lease Back Costs

The loans structure be it Chattel Mortgage, CHP or Lease will the dictate the establishment costs, interest rates for all of the structures should be the same or very similar

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