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Low Rate Equipment Finance, Loans and Leasing.

Equipment Finance is a broad and generic term. It covers finance for any movable assets (Chattels) that have a tangible and discernable value. So the term Equipment means virtually everything that is not property, that can be financed. It is asset based lending where only the asset or equipment itself is used a security for the loan

We specialise in low rate Equipment Finance and loans for businesses and private individual who wish to finance Vehicles, Boats, Business Equipment and Heavy Machinery through offering business and personal finance products. We also offer working capital, loans for new businesses and equipment refinancing solutions.

Equipment Finance For Vehicles

7e8ac416-5f68-4743-b72f-effe5223d7f3.jpgGet low rates and access to the best vehicle finance products in Australia. We secure Vehicle Finance for business and personal use Vehicles, including fleet management solutions. We offer novated Lease services, fully maintained leases, and finance for luxury vehicles ...

Vehicle Finance

Equipment Finance For Boats

f4d034f1-d57a-4f7b-8617-bdbd944a2230.jpgGet a fast, hassle free boat loan approval today. We secure Boat Finance for Charter Boats, Commercial Boats, Company Boats, Ski Boats, Jet Skis, Fishing Boats, Houseboats, Luxury Boats and Yachts etc. No Deposit Finance and fast hassle free approvals. Contact us today.

Boat Finance

Equipment Finance For Trucks

08c57b87-d572-4dce-accb-a313340fcece.jpgWe secure Truck Finance for new and used Trucks. Including Dual Cabs, Cab Chassis, Pantech, Cement Trucks, Tipper Trucks, Crane Trucks, Refrigerated Trucks, Prime Movers and Trailers. No Deposit Finance and fast, hassle free approvals. Contact us today...

Truck Finance & Leasing

Equipment Finance For Heavy Machinery

7da8a0fc-19a7-4acd-8405-3061df09a050.jpgWe secure finance for heavy machinery used in the Mining, Construction, Crane & Access, Civil Contracting, Logging, Primary Production, Concreting and Landscaping industries, (just to mention a few) and for all machinery such as Excavators, Loaders, Graders, Cranes, Forklifts, Piling Machinery, Drilling Machinery..

Heavy Machinery Loans & Leasing

Plant & Equipment, Finance Loans and Leasing

c773d885-bb43-44b0-87d3-054d5aecf738.jpgWe secure Plant and Equipment Finance for manufacturers in woodworking, metalworking, printing, plastics, engineering, packaging, food processing, glass and stone industries and waste and water management. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Plant and Equipment Finance

Equipment Finance, Loan & Leasing Options

Some of the most common equipment finance, loan and leasing options for financing commercial equipment are:

Commercial Hire Purchase is where the finance provider agrees to purchase the Equipment on behalf of the Business or individual. The Business then hires the goods from the finance provider over an agreed period of time for a fixed monthly repayment ...

Commercial Hire Purchase

Chattel Mortgage provides the business or operator with ownership of the equipment financed immediately. A Chattel Mortgage occurs where a finance lender provides a loan or finance facility for the purchase of a goods that are for business use ...

Chattel Mortgage

Finance Lease is a commercial loan, so the goods financed will be for commercial use. The finance provider will purchase the goods on your behalf and you will then rent or lease it back to you ...

Finance lease

Sale/Hire Back can take the form of a chattel mortgage, commercial hire purchase, or lease and is always established after you have bought the goods you want to finance ....

Sale Hire back

Novated Lease is where the finance provider agrees to purchase the equipment on behalf of the Business or individual. The Business then hires the goods from the finance provider over an agreed period of time for a fixed monthly repayment ....

Novated Lease

Operating Lease is generally used for funding technology such as computer hardware and software, telephony, printing and photocopying equipment ...

Operating Lease

Fully Maintained (Novated) Lease You can have all of your work vehicle expenses bundled in to one affordable and easy to manage monthly payment including fuel, maintenance ...

Fully Maintained (Novated) Lease

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Equipfin is part of the Platinum Direct Finance group of companies who will finance over 800 million dollars worth of Vehicles, TrucksBoats, Equipment and Machinery this year! Due to this volume and buying power, we can give our clients access to the best personal loan rates and financing products across Australia.

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