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Boat Finance, Boat Loans and Leasing

f4d034f1-d57a-4f7b-8617-bdbd944a2230.jpgGet low rates and access to the best Boat finance and loan products in Australia. We secure Boat Finance for new and used Boats, dealer and private sale, for up to 100% of the boats value. No deposit finance available with variable terms, residuals and repayment structures. Get a fast, hassle free boat loan approval today.

We guarantee to save you money, and make financing your next Boat a fast, easy and affordable process. We offer a complete Boat Finance service also able to organise comprehensive boat insurance, loan gap insurance, and vendor finance programmes to Boat Dealers and Brokers

Our Boat Loan Guarantee

9d2ef7bf-3031-48a5-8dc2-23ea90543193.jpgWe offer to beat any written Boat finance or loan quote you have received in the last 5 working days from any bank, dealer or broker. We will beat any competitors on both service and pricing, Call us today to talk to one of our experienced Boat Finance Consultants

Boat finance (loan) Options

We can assist with the following boat finance (Loan) products;

Which Boat Financing option is right for you?

Deciding on the right Boat Loan or Finance Option for your boat is important as sometimes refinancing a boat can be difficult or costly if you got a bad deal in the first place, but choosing the right boat loan option can sometimes be confusing. If you are unsure our experienced and helpful boat Finance Consultants at Equipfin will guide you through the process, they can assist with your decision making and ensure that securing finance for your boating needs, is a manageable and simple process.

Why use Equipfin?

Equipfin is part of the Platinum Direct Finance group of companies who will finance over 800 million dollars worth of Heavy Machinery, Boats, Equipment and Vehicles this year! Due to this volume and buying power, we can give our clients access to the best business loan rates and financing products across Australia.

Charter Boat Finance

f4d034f1-d57a-4f7b-8617-bdbd944a2230.jpgWe offer a full range of low rate boat finance products, suitable for financing a charter boat. You can finance up to 100% of the vessels value with boat finance terms of up to 5-7 years factoring in residual of up to 40% .......

Charter Boat finance and leasing

Yacht Loans

1ea9f86a-dd56-4f00-90c9-dc7015815caa.jpgNo matter the size of your yacht or your boat finance needs, if you are looking for fast, competitive boat finance talk to us today. We will find the right loan for you and tailor it to suit you requirements....

Yacht loans and finance

Ski Boat Finance

9d2ef7bf-3031-48a5-8dc2-23ea90543193.jpgAffordable and easy Boat finance solutions, for all wake boats and ski boats. Low rate boat finance and fast, hassle free processes, we will find the best boat loan for your purchase and situation

Ski boat finance and loans

Game Boats, finance and loans

cead1983-5e4e-448c-85da-62a16870cdee.jpgWe organise boat finance for game boats whether for business or charter use. We provide boat Loans Australia wide and we guarantee the lowest boat Loan rates and the best service in the industry....

Game Boat finance

Luxury Boat finance

1ef35356-0dd4-49f3-9240-5c5b298c4242.jpgWe will ensure the best boat finance rates and terms guaranteed. We provide a free pre-approval service to those seeking boat finance on their luxury boats, No risk, no obligation talk to an experienced boat finance broker today...

Luxury Boat Finance

Jet Ski Loans

096340a6-4f43-4038-9780-609719da3fa5.jpgWe provide Loan solutions for jet Skis and other PWC's Get an instant Jet ski finance quote today to compare with your usual boat finance provider. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the rates and the service.....

Boat Finance for Jet Skis

Need More Information

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