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Free Reciprocal Link Exchange and Trade. For Finance, Equipment and Machinery Websites

Exchange reciprocal links with us. We gladly exchange free reciprocal links with businesses in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and America. If you would like to link with Equipfin, you will be a Finance Broker or Provider or an Equipment, Machinery, Truck, Or Boat Dealer, email me today on [email protected]. If you are unsure about reciprocal linking and the huge benfits it can provide from a search engine perspective benefit please read on ....

Why Exchange Reciprocal Links With Equipfin

If you exchange links with other webistes that operate similar business and therefore have similar content to your own you are engaging in the most powerful form of search engine optimisation any webiste owner or webmaster can engage in. This type of link is given high importance by the search engines and far out perform the type of links your will obtain through any directories or paid link service providers. Exchanging links with many directories or paid link providers presents the following problems.

  • Often the links are coded links and are not recognised by the spiders a "pure links" pointing to your site. Therefore they have no effect whatsoever.
  • Most of the time these links come from websites that are not strongly associated with your industry and share no similar content, diluting the importance of these links.
  • Many of these directories do not use the correct anchor text, again diluting the links efectiveness. Instead of the link reading "Equipment Finance" it will simply read "Read More"
  • Many directories will use the rel="nofollow" HTML attribute. This way the spiders do not recognise the link but you can still click on it and go to your site. But again from an SEO perspective it is useless.
  • Google and many other search engines can penalise you for "link farming" (submitting to many directories or Blogs using specially designed software) or for paid links, in fact your competitors can report your paid links to google and this could be very detrimental to your websites performance. Paid links from sites such as Yellow pages etc are accepted as they are legitimate forms of business advertising.

    The above strategies are generally referred to as "Black Hat" or "Grey Hat" SEO strategies, they provide poor quality links most of the time and put your website at risk of being penalised by the search engines (which get smarter everyday).

    Link Exchange and "White Hat SEO"

    Aside from good content and site structure (my site ranked first page and positions 1 and 2 for many of my keyword phrases on google with no links to my site and despite a relatively low PR) the best way to the top of the search engines is by requesting webmasters and owners to exchange links with you. Of course these sites will not be your competitors, that is why I generally request similar sites from overseas or areas I do not compete with to link with mine. The benfits of this kind of linking are;

  • You will get "Pure Links" to you site recognised by the SE's.
  • The links will be given high importance or relevance becuase they come from sites with similar content to yours.
  • They will be given high importance because the "anchor text" used in the links will be relevant to the content of the page they are pointing towards.
  • You do not run the risk of your site being penalised for using "Black Hat or Grey Hat" SEO techniques.
  • You get to communicate with like minded professionals accross the world and it's good fun.

    This is "White Hat SEO" and well worth the while of dedicating some time to. 20 good quality links like this will do more for your site than 200 irrelevant directory listings.

Thanks for your time if you wish to link with my site please email me on [email protected]

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