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Secured Personal loans (Finance)

715f31c6-1270-4463-8af2-55c07a90ed3c.jpgA Secured Personal Loan is a Consumer Loan which is used by an individual to purchase anything for private use, such as a boat or vehicle. You will also be protected from any interest rate rises, as the rate and your regular monthly repayments are fixed, so you can easily budget for your repayments each month. The loan is secured against the goods you finance.

Secured Personal Loans

  • Fast, helpful service.
  • Low rates.
  • No interest penalty for early payouts.
  • Flexible contract terms.
  • Fixed monthly repayments.
  • Fixed interest rate.
  • A balloon or residual optoinal.
  • Deposit or a trade-in may be used.
  • Free pre-approval service.

This facility falls under the consumer credit code (UCCC) where the interest rate, commission and other fees are disclosed on the contract. All consumer credit conditions apply to this type of personal loan.

Who does a Secured Personal Loan suit?

A Secured Personal Loan is designed for those who wish to finance a boat, vehicle or motor bike etc; for private use. You can choose to finance all or part purchase price of the goods you are buying. This finance option also allows you to finance any dealer costs as well as government fees and charges.

Is A Secured Personal Loan Right For You?

Deciding on the right personal loan option for your situation can sometimes be confusing, to decide if a secured personal loan is right for you why not take the time to review some of our other finance products. Unsecured Personal loans, Commercial Hire Purchase, Chattel Mortgage, Leasing are just a few of the other financing options, The team at Equipfin can assist with your decision making and make the process simple and easy. Check out our Personal loan Options now!

Why use Equipfin?

Equipfin is part of the Platinum Direct Finance group of companies who will finance over 800 million dollars worth of Vehicles, TrucksBoats, Equipment and Machinery this year! Due to this volume and buying power, we can give our clients access to the best personal loan rates and financing products across Australia.

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