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Vendor Finance For Vehicle and Motor Dealers

6c599a13-8ec2-42e1-821a-360365fe3b3d.jpgWe offer vendor finance programmes to Motor Dealers. With many funders such as GMAC and GE withdrawing from the market many motor dealers and finance brokers are being left with nowhere to introduce their business. This has created a vaccum in the market that desperately needs to be filled and will change in the way we all do business.

That's where we come in. Equipfin offers vendor finance programmes to motor dealers that can probably offer better outcomes for your business and your clients than you previously have experienced anyway. We pay good commissions to motor dealers, provide cost effective solutions to the client and most importantly deliver fast turnaround times, and smooth hassle free processes.

Vendor Finance For Motor Dealers

A vendor finance programme or service should be designed to provide some key benefits for your business and its clients. When executed well the key benefits a vendor finance programme will bring to your business are;

  • An increase in actual sales and rate of lead conversions.
  • Greater profit margins on every deal that is financed.
  • Improved client retention, minimising the chance of losing a client to another dealer when they shop for finance.
  • An increase in sales opportunity having the ability to track your clients purchasing cycles.
  • Improve client perception by offering a comprehensive range of services.

Why Choose Equipfin As Your Vendor Finance Provider

As part of the Group Platform Financewe enjoy unfettered access to all of the funders you would be familiar with and probably quite a few you aren't. Group Platform Finance currently generates circa $800m worth of commercial and consumer based loans per year giving us acces to the most competitive rates and a full range of finance and insurance products and services. Rates, Products and Services which you can offer to your clients.

With the current financial climate being what it is many of the lenders who had a strong presence in the broker market are simply shutting up shop or pricing themselves out of the market by raising rates, a clear message that they wish to partially withdraw from the market temporarily. This leaves many brokers stranded as their accreditations dissappear.

If you are experiencing a reduced rate of success from your finance referrals with your normal vendor finance broker, it could be because the brokers resources are drying up up due to limited accreditations and not just because of the "Credit Crunch". At Equipfin the doors are open for business and we have many lenders still active and happy to lend.

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