Equipfin, Finance and Insurance Services

859f8d33-a502-4983-9d9f-d2d397958d7c.jpgEquipfin delivers a full range of finance and insurance services. We provide finance and Insurance brokering for Vehicles, Boats, Trucks, Heavy Machinery and Equipment for Business or Personal use. We also offer services for working capital, new business loans, vendor finance programmes and services to other brokers and accountants.

  • Fast turnaround times.
  • No Deposit Finance (Tap).
  • Leverage of over 800 millions dollars per annum.
  • Professional, informative service.
  • Full range of equipment finance options are available.
  • Access to over 30 bank and non-bank lenders.
  • Low rates and flexible terms.

Why use Equipfin?

Equipfin is part of the Platinum Direct Finance group of companies who will finance over 800 million dollars worth of Vehicles, Trucks, Boats, Equipment and Machinery this year! Due to this volume and buying power, we can give our clients access to the best personal & business loan rates and financing products across Australia.

Business loans & Insurance

d23b2090-b3ad-48a4-ba23-e70211920385.jpgAre you seeking a financial partnership that will understand your business' needs. We offer a range of services for Businesses seeking finance and leasing solutions. We will provide fast, competitive quotes for all business vehicles, equipment and machinery. We also provide solutions for working capital and new business loans (start up loans)....
Business Loans, Finance and Leasing

Personal Loans & Insurance

89c7d532-65dc-4665-a66c-5f1acf66c7bd.jpgWe offer low rate Peronal Loans and competitive insurance quotes for Vehicles, Boats, Motorbikes, campervans and RV's etc. We deliver a professional and friendly, imformative service. Although we do finance everyday we understand you don't, so we will take all the time to ensure you understand the process.
Personal loans and Finance

Equipment Finance And Leasing

c50526d6-5423-4c34-b294-2c10f764ac13.jpgEquipment Finance is a broad term for any assets such as Vehicles, Machinery, Boats, Business Equipment, Trucks etc. So the term Equipment means virtually everything that is not property. It is asset based lending where only the asset or equipment itself is used a security for the loan ...
Equipment Finance, Loans and Leasing

Insurance, Business & Personal

71405798-a0ac-4906-8a6e-0e6acc11e582.jpgWe can assist to insure the assets you finance through us such as vehicles, boats, heavy machinery, equipment and trucks. We can also provide insurance solutions for public liability, professional indemnity, and insurance premium funding. Talk to us today, and we will provide a fast competitive insurance quote ...

Vendor Finance

6c599a13-8ec2-42e1-821a-360365fe3b3d.jpgWe offer vendor finance programmes to motor dealers, boat dealers and brokers, equipment suppliers, truck dealers, and heavy machinery suppliers. We will provide a vendor finance programme that supports your sales process and rewards your business for the integral part it plays in ours ...
Vendor Finance

Broker & Accountant Services

f2e92e37-a115-42a8-97f7-f5fb60dc652f.jpgWe provide services to Brokers, and Accountants.In times of a tight market, with many of the main financiers shutting their doors on the smaller brokers, it may be time to reconsider you options. If your current accreditations make it difficult for you to provide the best outcomes for your clients contact us today ...
Broker & Accountant Services

Need More Information

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