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Personal Loan and Finance Options

Secured Personal Loans.

A Secured Personal Loan is a consumer based loan used for buying a car, motorbike, boat etc. They offer low rates and flexible terms and provide you with a ideal ......

Secured Personal Loans

Unsecured Personal Loans.

A Unsecured Personal Loan is a consumer based loan which unlike a Secured Personal Loan the goods are not offered as security. The loan provides the user with ....

Unsecured Personal Loans

Private Sale Loans.

Buying privately can be a great way to save money as you do not have to pay a dealer commission. However many lenders or brokers charge a premium for private sale loans ......

Private Sale Loans

Pre-approved Personal Loans.

At Equipfin we offer a free Personal Loan Pre-approval service. A Pre-approved personal loan allows who are buying used goods or privately to still shop around .....

Pre-Approved Personal Loans

What can I Use A Personal Loan For?

You can secure a Personal loan for virtually anything that has private and personal use. Most popularly we secure personal loans for Cars, Boats, Motor Bikes, Jet Skis, Campervans, Trailers and RV's. You can even get an unsecured personal loan just to go on holiday. Just because you've been refused elsewhere doesn't mean we can't secure finance for you. Contact us today to discuss your personal loan requirements with one of our friendly team.

Why use Equipfin?

Equipfin is part of the Platinum Direct Finance group of companies who will finance over 800 million dollars worth of Vehicles, TrucksBoats, Equipment and Machinery this year! Due to this volume and buying power, we can give our clients access to the best personal loan rates and financing products across Australia.

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